• Welcome to Boudoir Talk!

    Posted on by Tanitia Wilson

    Hey Boudoir Babe and welcome to Boudoir Talk! We're going to start off by introducing myself the CEO and force behind The Mrs Boudoir, Tanitia AKA Mrs Bowers. I founded The Mrs Boudoir with self-love as the main idea. I use my own self-love journey as a guide to help other women with their own. We all need guidance at times especially in an area that can feel so foreign. Boudoir Talk will be surrounded around the many facets and seasons, of being content with who you are. We're gonna touch on topics as light as self-care routines and as heavy as daddy issues. Yea! We gonna get this WORK! My goal is to help US overcome any and everything that is hindering growth. We'll also get into all the juiciness of discovering or enhancing your sexuality and sensual self. I am so excited to take you on this journey with me. Stay tuned, we're gonna get ACTIVE!

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